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Why should you become an Aircraft Dispatcher?

Aircraft Dispatchers are responsible for safely planning, executing, delaying or canceling a flight. A dispatcher along with the captain has operational control of a flight.

An aircraft dispatcher has operational control over a flight, meaning that the dispatcher is responsible at the same level as the pilot for planning and carrying out a flight.  Aircraft dispatchers are trained extensively on logistics related to safely planning, coordinating and executing a flight. Aircraft dispatchers are described as being able to do everything related to the flight except for flying the plane since that’s the pilot’s job. 

Northrop Aviation Dispatch Academy offers an FAA-Approved 14 CFR Part 65 Aircraft Dispatch Course designed to prepare students for careers in aviation dispatch. Courses are taught by experienced and actively working dispatchers and pilots.

Initially with no experience aircraft dispatchers can expect to make approximately $40,000. However, after obtaining a year of experience salaries for aircraft dispatchers increase rapidly and competitive early career salaries are approximately $60,000 annually and with further experience dispatchers can make up to $150,000 annually (according to Airline Dispatchers Federation https://www.dispatcher.org/dispatcher/salary.

Yes, you must be at least 21 years old to start the course and 23 years old by the time you get the certificate.

There are  jobs for dispatchers in a myriad of locations, for a selection of current aircraft dispatcher jobs available see here https://www.jsfirm.com/aircraft+dispatcher+jobs.